We’re still Waiting

Remember how Kingdom Hearts was released in 2002. And us oldies that had to play it on Playstation 2 are just waiting to play Kingdom Hearts 3 on or Playstation 4’s. We skipped a number! My Brother is 10 years younger than me and he claims to be the TRUE Kingdom Hearts fan. The only reply I give is “Bruh, nah.”

So here is a heartless with a little nostalgia behind it.



I do not own Kingdom Hearts or its characters.

The original

Ever story has a beginning. “Pink Royalty” is still a very mysterious comic series I announced a while ago. The only clue about its nature is a character profile for one character so far (more are yet to come I promise). But I didn’t get the idea out of thin air to make a unicorn my main character.
I would like to share the original art piece that inspired and created the foundation of this story to be.

Food for thought.

Werewolves is a really cool superstitious belief that didn't just exist in western culture. There are other "were" species in many cultures. For instance the weretiger was feared in India.
So I thought it would be fun to try out a werehyena. Hyenas are really cool so I couldn't help myself. I still have yet to name this young woman. I do know I would make her my protagonist if a comic should appear.

Leave it to the Wolves

There are some jobs you have to an animal for.

This piece was inspired by, you name it, politics. When I see shows like House of Cards or watch political news I just wonder what kind of personality you need to have to cope and work such a aggressive job.

Moar Art Updates!

Next line if prints is a second Oddly Unique goat sticker and some fan art for the long anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3. (Let's see if this release date sticks.)

Next update will be a finished product!
Anything you'd like to see? I'm open to suggestions!